Regular household maintenance can be exhausting. However, your home attic is one area of your home that can be easily forgotten when you’re trying to keep everything proper working order and clean. You may ask yourself, “When Should My Home Attic Insulation Be Upgraded?”

How To Know When Your Attic Insulation Needs An Upgrade 

Knowing whether your attic insulation needs to be upgraded is very important. There are technical ways you can use to identify that your attic insulation needs an upgrade, but you might start by checking for some common signs. You might find that you have high-energy bills if your insulation isn’t adequate. To confirm this, check your energy bills over the last few months to see if they’ve slowly increased. If you notice an increase in your home energy bills without an increase in actual cost per kilowatt, then it’s time for an upgrade. 

Another sign that you need an upgraded could be fluctuating temperatures throughout your home. Are there different temperatures in different rooms? If yes, this could be a sign of inadequate insulation. An attic with incorrect insulation can act just like a chimney. It will remove the air out of your home quickly, and your HVAC will have to work harder to keep the house at the required temperature.

Another sign that it’s time to upgrade your attic insulation is mice, rodents, or other pests in your property. They can get in through cracks and small holes, which also lets cold air into the building. Poor insulation could also allow water into your home. In cold temperatures, you might find ice forming on your roof or even pipes freezing.

Insulation problems can impact your home efficiency in both the winter and summer. If you’re looking to upgrade attic insulation in Atlanta, the experts at Daffy Ducts are experienced in installing all types of attic insulation.

How Upgrading Your Insulation Will Help 

Upgrading your insulation can help you to deal with a range of problems in your home. When your property is insulated, you have a barrier to protect you from heat loss and gain. Insulation is the perfect way to save energy and make your home more energy-efficient. When the building is appropriately insulated, you could make some huge savings on your energy bills. You might notice a decrease in cold spots and drafts, and you can turn down your thermostat. At Daffy Ducts, we are Atlanta attic Insulation Company and our friendly and professional team can help you find an insulation method and material that works for you.

Do You Need An Upgrade?

Don’t guess about attic insulation. The best way to check if your attic insulation needs an upgrade is to schedule an inspection with Atlanta attic insulation contractors. They will give you an expert’s view on the wear of your insulation and if it needs upgrading. So, whether you need air sealing, blown cellulose, spray foam attic insulation, or other insulation solutions, we can help. Contact Daffy Ducts to schedule a consultation for your home insulation service.





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