General Concrete has an A+ rating with the BBB and has 50 years of experience in concrete driveways in Langley. We can install, fix, or replace any driveway system. That's because General Concrete has all of the best tools, technology, and people in the business. If you don't believe us, feel free to read any of our countless reviews online and see what our happy customers have to say. Our customers can tell you more about us than we can!

Best Driveway Materials

Driveway materials differ in various parts of the world due to temperature, climate, and weather. Here in Langley, exposed aggregate is possibly the best material, although it's not the only viable material for driveways. Exposed aggregate driveways are driveways with a concrete finish that result from removing a thin layer from the top of the poured concrete to reveal pebbles, stones, shells, or sand near the surface. This type of driveways has a unique look, and it one of the least slippery driveway types in the winter.

How to Install a Driveway

When you call General Concrete driveway installers in Langley, we will come to your home for a no-cost driveway inspection. We will analyze your driveway and determine what the best length and width for your driveway will be. Also, the slope of the driveway must be carefully considered. You want your driveway to have just the right amount of slope for drainage, but not too steep! Next, we'll work with you to figure out your driveway's layout and which materials you want to use, which will have an impact on maintenance.

How Can I Make My Concrete Driveway More Appealing?

When it comes to driveway installation near Langley, no one does it better than the pros at General Concrete. We can help you make your driveway stand out, and we can transform any ordinary driveway into an extraordinary driveway. Here are a few tips that you can help you have a healthier, better-looking concrete driveway in Langley:

1. Pressure wash your driveway often

2. Consider stamped concrete or decorative concrete

3. Upgrade your driveway if it is old and worn down

4. Improve the landscaping around your driveway

5. Use lighting and a decorative mailbox to accent your driveway

Circular Driveways in Langley

General Concrete driveway contractors are capable of giving you any type of concrete driveway installation that you want. Circular driveways, commonly called horseshoe driveways, are a very popular option for homeowners in Langley. These types of driveways have an entrance at the road, they round off as they approach the home, and they have a separate exit lane that leads back to the main road.

Discuss Your Options with a Driveway Pro

General Concrete installs the best concrete driveways in Langley. We are full-blown concrete contractors with more than half a century in business in Langley. Our name and our reputation speak for themselves. Please, view our portfolio today or contact us directly to learn more.

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