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In today’s troubling times, it is vital to follow disinfection and sterilization guidelines. Cool Off is currently offering some of the best disinfectant fogging solution options to commercial operators. Fogging and misting kits for commercial use primarily are found at concerts and large productions with live entertainment. However, these machines have found a new way to serve the public in a different format.

Whole room fogging is a relatively new practice that has skyrocketed in popularity since the recent health crisis. Disinfectant fogging can efficiently sanitize all open surfaces in a single office or room. The power of water evaporation has effectively been harnessed by the team at Cool Off to help people during such uncertain and upsetting events.

There are multiple product options at Cool Off that are useful in commercial settings and operations. Keeping industrial sites clean of dust, debris, and germs is an uphill battle, but fogging systems can provide the backup support needed to promote safe and clean working conditions.

Long-Lasting and Durable Systems

The systems offered at Cool Off are known for their longevity even under the harshest conditions. All fogging and misting systems from Cool Off has a PSI of at least five hundred. Pressures lower than five hundred don’t push the water droplets through at a high enough rate to product minuscule droplets that quickly evaporate.

Multiple design options in a variety of colors with tons of accessories can be purchased directly from the experts at Cool Off. It is best to buy disinfectant fogging solution products from Cool Off to obtain the best rate on the highest quality products on the market.


 With proper care and maintenance, fogging systems with disinfectant capabilities can last for years to come. Proper care requires filter replacements and routine service calls. The systems come with nozzles made of stainless steel to prevent rusting.

Surface and Fogging Disinfectant Capabilities Through Misting Technology

High volumes of water are sprayed through multiple nozzles at high speeds. The water comes out of the nozzles in small droplets that have an impressive evaporation surface area size. The water can be used for several uses, but specialized sanitization foggers can disinfect entire sectors. Cleaning and disinfection have become the number one priority of all business owners allowed to operate.

Traditional foggers are used for concerts and outdoor events. Sanitizing foggers can be used in outdoor and indoor settings. Restaurant owners are using the products to sanitize outdoor seating areas to protect their customers. Other businesses are putting disinfectant foggers to work by using them to sanitize office buildings and meeting rooms.

Finding the Right Product

Keep your business safe and clean by investing in one of the disinfectant fogging systems available at Cool Off. Not only can you prevent the spread of contagious germs and viruses, but you can reap a substantial return on investment by drastically reducing the number of employees who get sick. Healthy employees mean fewer sick days, which means you will always have a full team of accounted for staff. To learn more about the products at Cool Off, give the customer service team a call by dialing 1-800-504-6478.