You take a lot of pride in your property, especially if you have an outdoor living area you like to enjoy from time to time. Outdoor water misting equipment is excellent if you are looking for a way to keep your family and guests refreshed and cool even when the temperatures are on the rise. Here at Cool-Off, we are happy to provide all of our customers with a quality mist system to elevate their outdoor experience!

The Best Water Cooling Systems

When you install a mist system on your property, it helps keep people and pets cool, but the right setup can create a lovely atmosphere for outdoor gatherings like parties, barbecues, and weddings. It is important to know that you will find many misting systems for sale online that come in various sizes and styles. This is why we suggest talking to an authorized misting system dealer so that you can invest in the perfect solution for your outdoor cooling needs.

What To Look For In The Best Misting Systems

  • UV Ratings – The siphon for the system has to be approved for use outside. This is important because the siphon is elemental for all misting systems. If the siphon does not work as it should, the equipment might not put out enough mist. Several safety precautions are met when you have a properly rated siphon.
  • Components – With any misting setup, you need to have rust-proof components. The system will be set up outdoors, so you need to know that it will not rust when subjected to climate changes or high precipitation levels. You should also try not to buy any misting equipment with steel walls in place as they can rust easily and may be difficult to open after several seasons.
  • Tubing – When looking at an outdoor cooling mist setup, you need to look at the tubing involved. For example, copper or metal is known to rust, so ensure that you select something that is nickel-plated and made using acceptable treated steel or nylon. These are great materials and will be rust evident, so you can keep them outdoors.

Here at Cool-Off, we offer nothing but high-quality outdoor misting systems for various needs. You can also look to us when you have any questions, concerns, or a need for dependable water misting accessories and parts. We have a friendly team here able to go over all of our mist system options so that you can select something that goes well with not only your budget but also your needs.

Nothing is better than staying home and enjoying all that you have built with the people you care about most. When the weather really heats up, we can help you to keep cool and enjoy your outdoor setup with a mist system. Talk with us about the best way to save on everything you need to get a new misting setup or to ensure your current system stays up and running. Call us at Cool-Off at (800) 504-6478 for more information on our products.