Floor heat, also known as radiant floor heating Calgary ,  is a wonderful home feature and a very popular trend for new houses today. Many people are also looking into renovations today that include options like this, which are design-led, comfortable, and clean. However, there is a lot that a homeowner should know when they are looking for radiant floors, a new residential boiler installation, and other elements to heat the home.

While there is no denying that underfloor heat is a cozy way for you to warm up your feet, is this the type of installation that is worth the investment? You may wonder if this is a good idea or if you should stick with traditional boiler installers for heating your home. The team at DHL Mechanical has put together some information on the pros and cons of radiant flooring so that you know what to expect.

The Pros

Along with getting great results after choosing the best boiler services in the area, these are some of the many pros when getting radiant floor heating:

  • Energy-Efficient Heating – You can use water-based or electric radiant floors for your home. Each offers heating from the floor up to give efficient, consistent warmth. A water-based system runs hot water via piping that creates heat, while the electric floor heating system heats with wiring under the floor.
  • No Cold Spots – Radiant heated flooring will cover the entire floor. This makes it a comfortable environment without any cold spots anywhere on the floor where it gets installed.
  • Effortless Use – Once your boiler repair company comes to install your radiant flooring, you will find that it needs almost no heating maintenance. There is also a 30-year guarantee that will give you the ultimate peace of mind. You may also have the option of a smart wi-fi thermostat and the ability to control your flooring heat from your favorite device – making everything as easy as can be.

The Cons

The pros outweigh the cons for many homeowners, with the known downfalls including:

  • Cost – The pricing for your radiant flooring can vary, with the average cost falling between $10 to $20 for each square foot. Of course, this depends on the system that you choose for your property.
  • Installation Time – There is quite a bit of a process to install your radiant flooring to ensure everything is done properly. For most installations, it can take a day or two. The larger the building and area installed, the longer the installation takes.
  • Floor Height Increase – In many cases, radiant floor heating increases the room’s floor height by a little under half an inch. Some homeowners also like to put insulation boards under the equipment to maximize efficiency.

Do you have questions about radiant floor heating and whether or not this is a smart choice for your property? Our team at DHL Mechanical would love to go over your options with you and set up a time for you to have a consultation. Not only are we radiant heating experts, but we also provide installation, repair, and maintenance for both commercial and residential boiler systems. Call us when you need us – Alberta: (403) 863-8246 BC: (250) 868-9948.

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