Solar Panel System Los Angeles

Things You Should Know Before Installing A Solar Panel System In Los Angeles

Purchasing a solar panel system in Los Angeles is one of the most effective ways of reducing your electricity bill and securing yourself from the ever-rising electricity bills. You will also contribute to a better environment by minimizing your carbon emissions.

The price of installing a solar panel system in Los Angeles has been pocket-friendly in the last couple of years; this is as a result of government subsidies and technological advancements. However, there are some very important factors you need to put into consideration when you want to install a solar panel system. Your purchase decision should not only be based on the price of the system.

Listed below are some of the vital things you should know before investing in a solar panel system in Los Angeles.

How the Panels Works

A solar panel generates electricity from solar energy. Even on a cloudy day, the panels can still generate electricity; this is because the panels don’t need direct sunlight to function. What they use is the light energy the sun produces, not heat energy.

An inverter (which is a vital component of the solar system) converts the direct current (DC) produced by the panels to alternative (AC); this is to enable you to use your electrical appliances at home. It is the electricity that is generated that meets your specific needs.

If the electricity produced is greater than your consumption, it will return to the grid. In situations when your consumption is greater than the electricity generated or at night, the grid provides the electricity.

The Suitability of Your Roof

A solar panel system in Los Angeles works best when it is positioned on a roof facing south. Having this in mind, a solar panel system is a feasible option if the roof of your house is facing west or east; this will enable them to work very well.

The roof’s angle is also crucial, as solar panels work more effectively at an angle of thirty to thirty-five degrees. You also need to check if the area on the roof you want to place the solar panels is shaded by buildings, trees, or other objects. Your solar panel installer needs to examine your roof and tell you how the system will function and the best place to position it.

Running and Maintenance Costs

Solar panel systems need very little maintenance. If the panels are covered by leaves or dust, you can hose them down easily. Besides that, it does not require any other maintenance. The panels often come with twenty-five years warranty and five to ten year for the inverter.

The inverter is what you should consider changing from time to time because it is always busy converting direct current to alternative current. You need to replace it after ten to fifteen years.

After about five to seven years of using the system, it is recommended you call the installer to come and examine the system. You can also ask your installer if the solar panel system requires any specific maintenance.

Solar Panel System Los Angeles

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