Plumbing & Gas Services

Ellens and Sons Plumbing & Gas features a wide range of plumbing and gas solutions for our commercial and residential customers. Whether you’re an individual homeowner, commercial property owner, or property management company, we can serve your needs. Our professional plumbing and gas services include:

  • Pipe installation / replacement
  • Furnace and boiler installation / replacement
  • Furnace and boiler repair
  • Plumbing and gas system maintenance
  • Faucets and fixtures
  • Gas lines
  • Slow drains
  • Sump pumps
  • Hot water tank replacement and repair

We work with area construction firms and remodeling / restoration companies on a wide array of projects. Have a project in mind? We can deliver an upfront quote for the services you need.

Plumbing Installation and Replacement

Need a new water heater, sump pump, furnace, or boiler? Ellens and Sons Plumbing & Gas can recommend the ideal products and equipment for your setting. We stay up to date on the best-in-class solutions. Our customers care about the eco-friendly operation of their homes, so be sure to talk to us about energy-efficient options available today. It’s important to consult with an experienced firm like Ellens and Sons Plumbing & Gas. Improper installation of a gas line or major system like a furnace can be a dangerous hazard.

Our technicians are highly skilled. We’ll ensure that you have the right sized product for your home or business. A unit that’s too large will cost you unnecessarily in high energy bills. A unit that’s too small will be vulnerable to breakdowns, costly repair, and even early failure.

Plumbing Renovations and Remodeling

Ellens and Sons Plumbing & Gas partners with property owners as well as renovation and remodeling firms to move or install plumbing and gas systems as needed. We customize our services for each project. Whether you need an entire plumbing system installed or are building a new master bathroom, our techs can supply the specific services you need.

Ellens and Sons Plumbing & Gas is proud to be a leading plumbing and gas service for Vancouver and surrounding communities. If you have a repair or project in mind, be sure to contact us for a quote.

Inspection and Maintenance

Ellens and Sons Plumbing & Gas offers inspection and maintenance services designed to promote the longevity of your residential and commercial essential features like boilers, furnaces, and hot water heaters. By providing routine maintenance, our technicians can frequently spot small issues before they have a change to become large and most costly problems. Parts suffer wear and tear. If you have a part that needs replacing, we’ll let you know. We can also provide a tune-up to ensure your system is functioning properly.

Office Building Plumbing

Ellens and Sons Plumbing & Gas provides a wide range of plumbing solutions for commercial clients. If you own a commercial property, you’ve likely had your fair share of plumbing problems. We know how big of a headache these can get. Even something as simple as a leaking pipe can quickly compound into a bigger concern and disrupt your business, so we’re ready to help you whenever the need arises.

Our team has certified professionals and technicians who can assess these problems and perform the solutions accordingly. With high-quality equipment and decades of experience in the industry, you can expect to get quick, effective, and efficient plumbing services.

Emergency Plumbing Repairs

If you suspect that you have an issue with your plumbing and gas unit, simply give us a call. We can visit your home or business to troubleshoot the problem. Once we determine what the issue is, we can recommend the ideal fix. We provide our customers with an upfront quote for our services as well as any needed parts. Then, we can make the repair and ensure that your system is properly working again.

All of our emergency plumbing repairs are done professionally and correctly the first time as to limit any possible damage.

Call Us for Service

If you live in the Vancouver region and need plumbing and gas service, you can rely on Ellens & Sons Plumbing & Gas. Our certified technicians can work on any plumbing and gas unit or water heater. We also provide a complete line-up of plumbing solutions for homeowners and commercial property owners. When you contact us, simply tell us what you need and we’ll schedule your service call. We can often provide you with an upfront quote.

Whether you need replacement or repair service, you can rely on our expertise. Call us and let us maintain your unit to promote its longevity. We look forward to counting you among our satisfied customers.