Leasehold Improvements

Leasing commercial spaces to businesses can be a lucrative pursuit, but in this line of work, you have to pay extra attention to the design and quality of your space. A business’s workplace can have a direct influence on employee productivity and morale, so you can expect tenants to be selective when choosing a space to rent. Aside from making sure the property is well-maintained and in order, you also want to make it look attractive to tenants.

At Ellens and Sons Plumbing & Gas, we can help you with all your leasehold improvement projects. We offer a range of quality plumbing and gas solutions, and work with restoration and renovation companies to help you achieve your desired goals.

Residential and Commercial Improvements

When leasing rental properties—whether they be residential or commercial—you’ll often meet tenants who might want to change things up around the space. It could be a residential tenant seeking adjustments to match their lifestyle, or a business owner trying to make the space more suitable for their operations.

Whatever the case may be, we can help you perform the necessary leasehold improvements and renovations to address their requirements. We specialize in plumbing and heating systems, so whether you need to install a new air conditioning unit , update the HVAC system, or replace some pipes, our team will be ready to assist you.

Getting leasehold improvements can do wonders for your property. Aside from increasing its appeal to potential tenants, you can also get the following benefits:

  • Increased Property Value. By remodeling and renovating your property, you can expect its value to increase. From updating your heating systems to more energy-efficient options to updating your bathrooms, these improvements can certainly make your property more valuable.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction. A big question that property owners usually have is whether they should allow leasehold improvements. Doing so allows you to provide better satisfaction to your tenants since you are customizing your space to suit their needs. Giving them such flexibility will likely result in more renewed leases!

Improved Marketability. Allowing tenants to have a say in the leasehold improvements will undoubtedly improve your property’s marketability. By giving them some leeway with these decisions, you can provide a better rental experience and outperform competitors. With increased marketability for your property, you can attract more interested tenants and potentially increase rental fees.

Services Customized to Fit Your Needs

Want to renovate your bathroom? Install a new plumbing system? Update your air conditioner or furnace? We understand the demands of the commercial retail industry, so you can be assured that our team is ready to help you through the entire process. Every remodeling project is done differently, so we work closely with every client and customize plans to fit their needs.

Leasehold improvements are designed to make a property more comfortable and suitable for a tenant, and that’s precisely what we aim to provide to our customers. We’ll partner with renovation and remodeling firms as needed and make sure you get the appropriate services for your project.

Contact Us for Your Leasehold Improvements

At Ellens and Sons Plumbing & Gas, we strive to provide every client with nothing less than the highest quality services. With our team of certified professionals, you can be assured that we’ll perform the improvements based on your specifications. We service Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack, and other areas in Vancouver. If you need help with a project, feel free to contact us at 778-898-2810 to get started.

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