Plumbing and Gas for Restaurants

We have been assisting restaurant owners with their plumbing and heating needs for a long time. It is incredibly important that restaurants have a professional install, repair, and maintain their plumbing and heating systems in order to prevent harm to employees and customers. We have worked with franchises, independent operators, hotel-chains, and fine-dining establishments with their plumbing and gas-line projects. Our team of plumbers and gas technicians understand the procedures to follow in order to reduce the risk of fire and gas leaks in your restaurant.

  • Hot water tank installations and repairs
  • Pipe installation / replacement
  • Commercial furnace and boiler installation
  • Plumbing and gas system maintenance

We work with many construction firms and remodelling/restoration companies on a wide array of projects. Have a project in mind? We can deliver an upfront quote for the services you need.

Commercial Plumbing Installation for Restaurants

Starting a new restaurant that requires professional plumbing and gas installations? Our team is qualified and experienced in assisting restauranteurs with the best plumbing and gas solutions that are both cost-effective and pass the city inspectors. We have assisted countless restaurants with installing their boilers, furnaces, and waterline piping so if you’re in need of some professional help for your restaurant, contact us today!

Our technicians are able to assist with any restaurant plumbing installation projects:

  • Commercial water heater installation
  • Commercial boiler installation or replacement
  • Toilet and faucet installations
  • Commercial drainage networks
  • Air conditioning installation
  • Furnace installation

Restaurant Renovations and Remodeling

In most cases, our clients are looking to upgrade their restaurant with the latest plumbing and gas equipment. These upgrades are able to reduce your utility bill and greatly reduce your risk of an unwanted incident. Whether you want us to do a complete start-to-finish renovation or just assist with some easy to do leasehold improvements, our team is available and eager to assist you.

We have worked with plenty of franchises and independent operators across the lower mainland, including Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Mission, and Maple Ridge.

Plumbing Inspections for Restaurants

Restaurants need to ensure they’re abiding by the highest safety standards, especially in regards to gas-line and ventilation. Our team of plumbing and gas inspectors are able to evaluate your current setup and provide recommendations that will reduce your utility bill and limit your liability of a possible crisis. Our team understands the protocol followed for ensuring your restaurant passes all of the governmental checks for plumbing and gas inspections. All of our recommendations are supported by documentation and an estimate for how much it would cost to fix.

  • Check drains for proper function. Professionally installed piping should allow water to flow naturally and not result in any gurgling sounds.
  • Check for corrosion. Signs of corrosion, or related damage, will quickly grow into a big problem down the road so it is best to deal with it early before it’s too late.
  • Assess the drain network. Commercial drainage networks can be complex and usually hidden from the visible eye, so assessing the network and mapping out the piping is an important step for any commercial retail project.
  • Thoroughly inspect gas-lines. Most restaurants have several gas lines to and from their kitchen, we inspect each line to ensure no damage or leakage exists.

Commercial Plumbing Repairs for Restaurants

Unfortunately, restaurants require a constant flow of repairs and maintenance calls to ensure everything is operating safely and cost-effectively. Even a small leakage in the waterline can cost you thousands of dollars in utilities and damages so ensuring you’re staying on top of your maintenance schedule is critical. Our team has the skills and experience required to identify the source of the problem, provide immediate recommendations and ultimately fix the problem before it worsens. Throughout the entire process our team will keep you up-to-date on the repair and if we identify any additional issues.

Common Restaurant plumbing issues are:

  • Clogged bathroom sinks and toilets
  • Clogged or damaged drain pipes
  • Boiler installations or repairs
  • Waterline leaks and corrosion
  • Gas leaks or poor ventilation systems
  • Air conditioning and heating problems

Call Us for Service

If you live in the Vancouver region and need plumbing and gas service, you can rely on Ellens and Sons Plumbing & Gas. Our certified technicians can work on any plumbing and gas unit or water heater. We also provide a complete line-up of plumbing solutions for homeowners and commercial property owners. When you contact us, simply tell us what you need and we’ll schedule your service call. We can often provide you with an upfront quote.

Whether you need replacement or repair service, you can rely on our expertise. Call us and let us maintain your unit to promote its longevity. We look forward to counting you among our satisfied customers.